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Molecule-to-Market Research

Directed by a PhD in Pharmacology, US Pharma Lab’s Research Laboratory is committed to the study of innovative nutraceutical and molecule-to-market development.

The North Brunswick, New Jersey facility conducts the majority of the chemical research done on the isolation of natural compounds. Using advanced instrumentation, the scientific team first identifies new active compounds and then continues onto developing the manufacturing procedures for bulk production.

The excellence of US Pharma Lab’s Research Department remains in its  adherence to strict quality protocols.  All scientific output is validated in accordance to FDA requirements as well as international regulatory systems.

Cutting edge research is conducted through double-blind placebo controlled trials at the clinical level. Highly qualified pharmacologists conclude the process by writing a scientific article specific to the nutraceutical product they have developed. These articles detail the contents, actions, and interactions of the products, as well as any statistically significant results found during the clinical trials. This is done to provide the client with a comprehensive description of the product and its capabilities, and to deliver a transparent outline of the product’s adherence to FDA guidelines.

Around the globe, there is an increased interest in nutraceuticals that contribute to a more healthful lifestyle and a sustainable planet. US Pharma Lab takes pride in offering the new and innovative products that provide the opportunities to bring these goals to fruition.