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Research and Development

Providing the Right Solutions for the Most Difficult Formulation Challenges

RnD RiteshUS Pharma Lab has 20 years of experience providing custom formulations to a list of clientele from around the world. The company is a reliable ingredient manufacturer that specializes in producing nutraceutical and pharmaceutical blends. Whether the need is for the creation of a new formula or the reformulation of an existing one, US Pharm Lab ensures the delivery of a final product that is consistent and problem-free.

The R&D scientists understand the importance of the product development process and carefully analyze the properties and requirements of each ingredient before a formula is written. This helps to identify potentially problematic ingredients early in the process that can lead to troublesome qualities such as stickiness.

Product Development Equipment List:

● High Shear Granulators – 20 KG
● Fluid Bed Dryer – 20 KG
● Milling Machine
● Sieving Mill
● Tableting Compressor
● Coating Machine
● Capsuling Machine

Process Development. Pilot Scale Production. Tech Transfer and Scale Up.

RnD Fluid Bed DryerThe company has developed a proprietary wet granulation technology that achieves maximum flow and content uniformity throughout each and every custom ready-to-use formulation. The R&D scientists use a specific binding system along with a unique blending process to offer directly compressible granules that won’t clog machinery or cause stickiness with tablet tooling. These high-performance ingredients provide:

● Accurate particle-size distribution
● Lot-to-lot content consistency
● Assay-verified documentation
● Reproducible flow behavior
● Customer specific water:content ratio

As it ensures there is no need for additional weigh-outs or wet granulation steps, Amol Pharmaceuticals is able to provide stable, free-flowing granulations and premixes that are ready to be used in multiple solid-dosage forms.

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