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Custom Premixes

PREMIXES - powder

Guaranteed Precision Premixes. Superior Stability. Particle Size Control. Custom Built.

At US Pharma Lab, the R&D team custom designs premixes that guarantee to test accurately for content uniformity every time. With a strict adherence to quality protocols, each final batch is fully lab tested and accompanied by a complete assay.

Specializing in designing custom premixes with reproducible flow behavior, a substantial and consistent cost saving is passed onto each customer with the minimization of overages and an avoidance of quality control rejections.

By applying the company’s premix technology, R&D also eliminates and controls excess moisture to achieve:

      • Consistency of actives
      • Singular particle size
      • Avoidance of interaction between actives

A premix moisture level of approximately 2% is ideal for tablet compression because it mitigates any risk of microbiological activity.

With no need for additional weight-outs or wet granulation steps, US Pharma Lab provides stable, free-flowing, assay verified premixes that are ready to be used for multiple finished dosage forms. Call US Pharma Lab to have a custom precision premix formulated today.