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Management Analyst (North Brunswick, NJ)

Management Analyst (North Brunswick, NJ) shall work on a detailed business financial plan. Ability to collect, evaluate and analyze data to develop alternative recommendation, solve problems, document work flow to improve the operational and management practices. Strategic planning of existing and potential business. Analyzing business trends using various quantitative methods and financial models. Responsible for determining the appropriate structure for collaboration and determine resources required to deal with business issues. Responsible for reporting back to management on all findings and suggestions.

U.S. Master’ s Degree or foreign equivalent in Business, Finance or related field. Incidental travel will be required to attend various conferences within the U.S. for a few days a few times a year.

Location: North Brunswick.

Please submit all resumes and cover letters by Fax or E-Mail:

Fax: (732) 296-1922

E-Mail: HR@uspharmalab.com