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Through the R&D scientist’s extensive product development research, US Pharma Lab has created an encapsulation technology called MicroGuard that shields active ingredients from extreme processing steps. MicroGuard also:

MICROENCAPSULATIONS● Eliminates the need for additional label claims
● Uses a purified water process
● Creates a 2% water:content ratio
● Mitigates microbial growth
● Provides custom formulations

The MicroGuard technology takes an individual ingredient, whether a botanical, vitamin, mineral, or amino acid and forms a protective barrier around each active molecule. This protective barrier is made by using common excipients that eliminate the need for any unique label claims.

The technology starts with the R&D scientists dissolving a combination of nutrients in purified water and then micro-spraying them onto a bed of inert excipients. When the process moves onto the drying stage, any loose water activity is eliminated producing a final MicroGuard formula with a water:content ratio of approximately 2%. This moisture level is ideal for tablet compression because it mitigates any risk of microbiological growth in the final blend. The MicroGuard blend is in its final stages when the material is refined to the particle size needed for its specific dosage form.