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Contract Manufacturing

US Pharma Lab’s US FDA audited and NSF certified for cGMP compliance facilities specialize in contract manufacturing nutritional supplements to the specifications of each valued client.

manufacturing itemsHeadquartered in North Brunswick, NJ, US Pharma Lab also has modern manufacturing plants in India and China encompassing a total of 500,000 square feet and producing up to 200 million tablets and 50 million capsules.

As a turnkey manufacturer, attention is given to the requirements of each client starting from the formula all the way up to the finished product. The manufacturing facilities in the United States, India, and China house high-speed manufacturing equipment producing tablets and capsules in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Custom powder and effervescent formulas are manufactured as well. Each order is processed for accuracy and within strict compliance of US FDA regulations.

US Pharma Lab offers the client a variety of packaging solutions to choose from. The systematized organization of each warehouse allows for easy accessibility to a wide variety of bottles, cartons, and canisters. With efficient packaging, blistering, canistering, and cartoning lines, US Pharma Lab meets any packaging requirement requested, allowing for timely fulfillment and accelerated commercialization.


By effectively manufacturing custom dosage formulations, US Pharma Lab is the perfect partner for clients who choose to focus their attention on brand building and business development. The company’s technicians fulfill client tableting specifications while offering an array of unique delivery forms to choose from.  Analytical method validation and release testing is accurately performed for feasibility and stability on clinical batches.









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